03 Wr 450 carb trouble

Yesterday I pulled the carb on my WR for the first time. The flat slide is new to me. Decided to shoot some carb cleaner through the passages make sure it was nice and clean. Today I find that the enrichment knob/cold start plunger is stuck in place. Put a vice grip on the brass shaft and it won't budge. I am afraid I will twist it off if I crank too hard on it. Is there plastic on this that I melted? Anyone run into this before? Any thoughts? I am taking the kids out of state this weekend for a week long riding trip and don't have time for this.

On the back side of the plunger is a rubber insert. Carb cleaner can cause it to swell. That might be the problem, assuming it worked a few days ago. Many have good luck soaking in PB blaster and then popping it out. But again, if it is from the carb cleaner (which you should never use on these carbs) give it some time to evaporate and it may return to norma;

I had taken out the screw that holds the valve lever to the throttle shaft, so in putting it back together I used a drop of lock tight on the screw just like the manual calls for. Well....there is a hole from the chamber were the throttle slide is to the port that the plunger slides in. talented me I managed to get a second drop perfectly down this hole and on the plunger. After much prayer and contemplation I had decided to strip the carb and apply a little heat to the body of the carb by the plunger. thought that maybe if i had melted something with the carb cleaner the heat might loosen it. Found the loc tight on the plunger after it came out. With luck like that I should have won the lottery by now.

LOL, you are lucky you got it apart. nest time, touch the loctite to the bolt threads. Too much can be easily seen and wiped away.

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