2006 YZ450f *Custom Graphics!!!*

I just got done puting this all together. I bought an '06 about a month ago, and was real happy with it. THEN I saw this 50th Anniversary Edition on Craigslist...Couldn't pass it up. Sold the 1st bike to a pal at cost, and bought this one, with much lower hours, for the same price.

Just got done adding a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, ProCircuit T-4 slip-on, Scott's filter, MSR plate (not pictured), and a Trail Tech kickstand (I'm getting old).

BUT THE COOLEST thing I added were these custom radiator graphics the boys over at Fusion Graphix whipped up for me from the finest of paper napkin sketching. Pretty happy with how it all turned out. Father's day should give me an excellent opprotunity to scratch the living bejeezvus out of the whole thing!!!


and with my 465:


Close up of the rad covers:


very cool thanks for sharing

That's cool, be careful removing that front lower rad shroud bolt though :thumbsup:

It's always weird to see you own number on a different bike, I've been running 319 since my first road-race trip to Brainerd MN in '96.

Sharp bike.

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