Guts Racing Seats

Well, I've been holding off getting the tall Guts seat for my 07 WR450 for a while now, however after todays ride I now have a torn seat and can justify the new cover. I'm going with the tall as I'm 6'3" and feel a little cramped on the stock seat anyway. Just looking for feedback on the seat foam. I like the firm foam in the stock seat and was wondering if the Guts "firm/hard" was similar. Any info would be appreciated.

I have a firm, guts high on 07 WR,

Love it.

It is a bit firmer than stock, buts softens after about 3 rides.

I'm about to get the soft standard for my 09 wr450...the line of the seat within the tank and fender is my justification...I'll let you know after i send it out and back for review.

Hey does the high seat look on your wr?

I'm also 6'3" and I have the medium tall. I would say it's a little softer than stock but still firm enough. Just about right IMO. I went with the factory team cover.




I got the tall, soft foam. They told me the medium would be the same as stock, so I opted for the soft. It is too soft for racing, makes it hard to slide forward because you sink in too much. It is good for cruising around the yard with the kids, and maybe road use.

Thanks for the replies, cover and hard foam on order. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the replies, cover and hard foam on order. :thumbsup:

You made the right choice. The soft foam will have your butt on the deat pan in minutes. The firm is awesome and doesn't break down.


I'm 6'2" and have the tall seat. Because I ride so far back on the bike I ended up glueing a wedge of foam from an old seat 8" long and from a point to 2" high under the back of the seat. Life is good and my butt is comfy racing or trail riding.

Got the seat cover as a Father's Day Gift; received it in three days; installed, and it looks great! Seat foam and cover fit perfectly... Great product; great service!! :)



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