07 wr450 Warp9 spacer?

i cant seem to get my warp 9 tire to fit correctly on my wr450 07, the stock spacer is built into the spedo meter and when its tightened it rubs the bearing making the tire tight. Anyone know what kind of spacer i need to replace this with to get it to work?

Flatland Racing Odometer Spacer


Sounds like you do need the YZ spacer, not the ODO eliminator. I just googled "Warp9" & realized that it's a brand of aftermarket wheels, not tires. I thought you were just trying to get rid of your odo drive unit.

Good catch Tribalbc :thumbsup:

Edited by Jackazz

More than likely you need a YZ wheel spacer. Is there a seal on the outside of the bearing on that side? If there is you nee a YZ spacer.

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