Edelbrock carburetor for wr426 thoughts and knowledge

I have the 2002 wr426, white bro exhaust, hot cam inlet and thats all to the engine.......

1998-06 YZ/WR400-450

Carb works great with stock exhaust on YZ models. WR models work best with performance exhaust and air box snorkel removal. Bore: 40mm round

■Designed for today’s high-performance 4-stroke engine

■Accelerator pump offers instant throttle response and easy starting capability

■Wet-flow tested for the highest quality standards

■Sealed 440 stainless steel shaft bearings for a lifetime of smooth throttle operation

■Hand-anodized flat slide makes for unsurpassed wear resistance and exceptionally smooth rideability

■Electroless nickel plated finish on the body for durability and good looks

■Includes high-quality motion pro throttle cables

$503 us dollars

Is this a good buy? I love the looks of this and also what it shows on the chart and also what the deal is for what it can do but what about reliability? will it be as reliable as the OEM carb? I would like to know a little more information on this item before i go and buy it then 6 months time its a new engine......:thumbsup:



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IMHO, the FCR is a better carb, what is wrong with yours?

BTW, that 'dyno chart' is hooey (sorry for the strong language). Both carbs have the same level of restriction (a needle) and therefore flow more or less the same. The only possible difference regarding power is all due to jetting. Carb design differences can make a difference in acceleration and over all accuracy of air/fuel ratios( Do some research and you can decide this on your own.) As far as carb setup goes, it is all a matter of parts availability, knowledge and patience.

While I have never argued that the Edelbrock was a good choice over the FCR, I'm not sure I'd be quite so willing to dismiss the power claims. I won't necessarily back them, either, but for one thing the carb shown is larger than OEM (40 vs. 39mm). For another, power production by a carb is more than just a matter of mass air flow. The size of the atomized fuel droplets discharged at the main nozzle have a major influence on this. A finer mist is better for economy and emissions, while larger droplets make more power.

Traditionally, Edelbrocks have been a love-or-hate deal, at least on YZF's. When they work right, they work quite well, but when they don't they can be quite a booger to work the bugs out of.

If your convinced that your 426 would benefit from a carb upgrade (and it very well might), then I think you should consider a used late model FCR from an '05-'09 YZ450. They're easy to swap in, and the '06 carb I sold to another member here reportedly made the bike run better than ever with completely stock '06 jetting.

Alternatively, a used 41mm FCR from a CRF450 could be a good way to hop things up.

I will say this about the Edelbrocks: one of the guys in my class has one on his XR650R. The bike starts instantly and is just nasty fast. He's happy. But the XR didn't have an FCR on it originally.

I have a great deal of experience with the Edelbrock on wr's and yz's. Being that they have no pilot jets or main jets made me use them. The wr version comes with a leaner needle and I feel works better. They have an adjustable external knob that makes any adjustment wonderful. If you feel like using one send me a pm I can go further in depth on adjutments.

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offer of parts

grey... i see your point and the point with the information i have gained from sites and your selfs i belive it would benefit but how much i dont know..... just justifying spending that much on one. I'll check out on the FCR here in the UK dont seem such a common bike so dont see many about so glad TT is about ive learned so much about my bike over this.

Gunner.. Thank you for the offer and if i do go ahead and buy one i will take you up on the offer bro, what thoughts good and bad do you have for this carb? also fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption is slightly better with the Edelbrock on the yz. I have ridden along another yz with the stock carb.The way the needle is shaped makes the fuel atomize extremely well. The simplicity of the carb is amazing. No pilot jet, main jet or air jets. It's all done with the D shaped needle jet and an accelerator pump. The accelerator pump is also externally adjustable.

Really the only performance i have noticed out of a edelbrock carb is you gain power on the bottom end and lose a little on the top end.

Hate to threadjack a 99 wr400 i just picked up for a deal bike runs decent low miles PC pipe have tryed rejetting it several times and getting frustrated also got a deal on a quicksilver carb Used comes with no instructions the guy i got it from had it on a yz426 how do I adjust it ?? dont have it on the bike yet but any pointers you guy could give me would be helpful thanks in advance

Go to Edelbrocks website. All of the specs and tuning are there.

What I have found is that the K6 needle works best. If it does't have the adjustment knob on top you need to buy one. Set the needle to stock setting and go from there. A very slight popping when you let off is where you want the needle set. I also have found that if it's running rich, back off the acc. pump. It is flowing fuel all of the time.

Here is link. http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/misc/tech_center/install/atv_carbs.shtml

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Really the only performance i have noticed out of a edelbrock carb is you gain power on the bottom end and lose a little on the top end.

You may notice a little top end loss because it's probably a little rich. Try installing the next leaner needle. These seem to come a

little rich from the factory.

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