New rims or powder coating?

Just doing some research on the bike and found some pics of some bikes with black rims and I just made my decision to get some. I looked em up and saw how ridiculously expensive new rims are. How bad will it set me back to have em painted?

My next set of rims will NOT be black. They look great for about 10-20 hours of use and then it's all down hill. Not to mention the hassle of trying to change tires without scratching the h*ll out of them.:thumbsup:

the a60 wheels which are the newest are only about 100 each its the hubs and stuff that are a lot of money. i have the a60 with blue talon hubs and black spokes and just like dvn said they are so hard to keep clean i just gave up on it and they dont even look good any more. the spokes are all chipped up. good luck

Go to a good powder coating shop. Unlace and lace the wheel yourself, they are easier than you think. You should have quite a few different shades of black to pick from, pick the one most resilient to scratching! I picked one with kind of a texture to it. I paid $70 for both wheels at a place called pristine coatings in Denver Co. Took some time to unlace and relace, but search it on TT and you will find some tricks to truing the wheel.

As for the coatings, they last, if you had it done by a pro! My last bike had a year on them with the powdercoated rims, a ton of hours on the track and trail, at least 5 tire changes front and back.... People on TT who say PC is heavy or it doesnt last, must have gone to a joke of a powdercoater! Find one that is good and start stripping your bike down!

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