Question on Cal. Plating

I did a search on CA. plating and I just have a few questions for all you very smart WR Compardres. I have a 06 WR450 (best bike I ever had) and I saw in the search that a 04 WR might not meet road emissions. Does this mean that a 06 is in the same boat? I also heard that it depends on the last number in the VIN. I’m doing the top end on my Son’s Waverunner (single Dad that likes spending time with the boy) right now, but I want to start saving to plate my bike after that’s done so this isn’t going to happen right away. Just want to know if I can plate it. I love this site and have learned a lot from you all. OUTERLIMITS, please have some compassion for a fellow San Diedan.

None of the WR's regardless of model year has an "on-road" emission certification. Not sayin it won't slip through the cracks but by the letter of the law they are not legal for conversion in California. The only bikes that currently qualify are the 2007 and newer 450/525/530 KTM EXC's, some of the Huskies, and a few others (GasGas, Beta, etc). From a fellow San Diegan!

Unfortunately, California stopped allowing conversions in 2004:foul:

Unfortunately, California stopped allowing conversions in 2004:foul:

Technically they didn't stop allowing conversions but now require the bike has an emission certification which pretty much eliminates most of the off road bikes. For example the KTM's are not actually sold as street legal but because they have the certification they can be converted.

OUTERLIMITS, please have some compassion for a fellow San Diedan.

Brother I'm in the same boat and have not done it yet. I've got the dualsport kit wired up (well most of it) and plan to take the next step soon. As noted above, technically it is not possible. The reality of it though, is that people are doing it every day. Whether they keep their plates long term is still to be seen. As to the vin#, I believe it cannot contain a 3 or a C in the 8th position, but I think that just differentiates a green sticker bike from a red sticker bike. WR's have been green sticker for some time. Yours definitely is, but I don't recall the change date. Something like '03 or '04 I want to say. All the same, there are plenty of people that have converted red sticker bikes to street legal in California as well. Just depends on who you get to handle your paperwork, but that one is probably much more of an uphill battle.

By the way, what's a "San Diedan"????

I thank you all for your input. So it might be possible. Like I said it’s something I have to save up for it but I do work for the CHP (I’m an lead Auto tech, not an Officer) and might be able to ask thru the back door. Just wanted to know if possible before I did that and if the Govenator puts me on Minimal Wage may be longer, I’ll keep my fellow CA. WR’s informed. Again, Thanks for the info.

By the way, what's a "San Diedan"????

The place closes to Mexico on the West Coast. I asked my Son if it was San Diegan or San Diegian and he said San Diegan and I went with his cause he a lot smarter than me. See I can't even figure out how to Quote Message in reply (Kids not here).

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