Clutch Pull/Parts

I am making the transition from road bikes to off road and the clutch pull is killing me. I get arm pump about 10min into my ride and need some tips on easing the clutch pull on my 98-400. I have lubed the cable to death but not much help? Any lever or lever postition suggestions? Anyone reccomend an in-expensive hydraulic clutch kit? Help!!! I don't have popeye arms.. yet....

I am a long time user of the MSR Raptor lever and perch, I’ve had it on 250s, my KX500 and now my 426. Not a perfect solution but effective. I swapped bikes with another YZF and the guy thought my clutch was broken because the pull at the lever was so much easier.

They may not be ideal for motocross or riding styles that incorporate clutch abuse because of the shorter available throw, but for long, tiring off road stuff they are helpful. They work by relocating the leverage point where the cable is fixed to the lever. One side affect of this is the resultant different angle between the cable and adjuster tube leads it to fray a little.

I think they are about $70 for the perch and lever, I know that Chaparral carries them (800-841-2960)

There are a few other easy-pull systems available, here’s one from Moose.

Hick thanks again for your words of wisdom, you should start getting a consulting fee for all this! I will give it a shot and you have at least given me some direction in which to look.

have a good one!


You can also get an "easy clutch" from white brothers. It is about $35 and just hooks up to your existing clutch perch and cable. Like a "in line" unit. I had my 4 clutch pull fingers incompletly amputated about 4 years ago and I can go all day on the 426 now!! It really helps alot. Also you must realize that the "death grip" is not always the best way to ride. There are many articles on Arm Pump in the magazines and one lengthly post a couple months back on that subject on this forum. Hope this helps


The raptor is a good unit and helps out alot with the yzf. Also, lubing the cable can attract dirt and other nasty stuff and can gum it up. I go the dry method on my cables and clean them occasionally and replace once a year. It keeps the pull to the minimum and you don't have to worry about breaking one.

Lengthen the clutch engagement arm 4-5 mm.

Remove the arm -> cut the arm -> weld .

tom, just wondering if you are using the clutch on every shift like I did before I knew any better. From what I've learned, you mainly just need to use the clutch for starts and as a "anti-stall device" if you have to hit the brakes heavily. Otherwise, it seems most people upshift and downshift without the clutch as long as they let up on the throttle when shifting.

try a perch and lever from a honda cr 250 i did this and my clutch pull is much easier and as far as using the clutch on the track i only use it in tight corners or for panic breaking other wise leave it alone and for arm pump i can promise you the only solution is to ride ride ride and ride some more it may take a month or two but it will get much better,, also try and keep one finger on each lever it helps soften your grip

Ditto on what Thumpa advises. Like you, when I went from the street bikes to dirt, I used the clutch for EVERY shift. It just isn't necessary. Some guys DO upshift under full throttle with no clutch. I can't bring myself to get that extreme with this bike.

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