BLM Nazis on the Swell

Leaders from various organizations met with the BLM last Thursday. Brian Hawthorne of USA-All was also present. The purpose of the meeting was to have the BLM commit to entering in a CMA or MOU for the various trails that were left open in the recent release of the skimmed travel plan. One would ask why would we want a CMA or MOU? The answer is simple we want the BLM to put it on paper that they will live up to certain obligations such as providing materials for signing and other trail maintenance. Prior to the new travel plan release, the BLM would not do nothing, so a group of local riders have donated our own time and money in marking the trails and in doing the maintenance. The BLM discouraged us from doing a CMA or MOU and only wanted us to sign a volunteer action agreement. This is weak. For those of you that are familular with the Swell, the BLM recently released the new trail plan, they are now completing a new RMP (resource managment plan). The new RMP could substantial affect the newly released travel plan. In addition, the RMP is also going to include the Price River District. This includes the Chiminey Rock area where the Bookcliff Rattlers recently held an enduro. Desert races have been held in this area for 20 years. We have taken the time to GPS all of the MC trails in this area. The GIS person was showing us his work on the travel information for the Price River District. None of the hundreds of miles of single track trail information was included with the inventory. Once again it looks like we are going to get screw on the inventory process. For those of you who are not members of USA-All. Join. Brian Hawthorne is the director and it is worth every penny. Look up USA-All on the website and join in. (Utah Shared Access Alliance).

I for one appreciate all of the effort that you, Alan, and others have put into maintaining the trails over there. :D I just went riding down there with the Sage Riders two weeks ago. Holy rocks batman! It was a really cool place to ride. I really don't like racing, but I may have to attend the race down there in november. The course is pretty fun. For all of you guys that don't know, Wade (allison) and Alan Peterson have put one hell of a lot of work into Chimney Rock and probably more areas as well. Guys like these are the reason that we can still ride there. The damned enviros REALLY need to find something better to do, because there is absolutely NOTHING down there (for them) that is worth ANYTHING. It's a little spot way out in the middle of nowhere. If we didn't ride down there, then no one would even know it existed. No cow pie eatin' enviroshitheads would ever even once have set foot anywhere near that place.

Dang. All I really wanted to do was thank Wade, Alan and the rest of the sage riders for the hard work they have put into many of the trails here in Utah. Then I got on that envyro rant bit. :D You might be able to tell that I really hate envyros (really bad). :)

I'll be joining USA-All and the Sage Riders soon and anybody that likes to ride should at least join USA-All if not both. I know that it is only $20 to join the Sage Riders. :D

Chris :D

Ride on Chris. Good to see that you jumped over to the good life with a WR.

:) I love this bike! I still like the yz engine better though so I guess I'll get an exhaust cam for a yz and see what happens. :D

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