carburetor leaking intermittently

Help! I completely cleaned my carb, removed all the jets, cleaned them with carb cleaner and blew everything out with air. Now that I reinstalled everything, my carb overflow leaking intermittently. Every minute or so, about 10 drips come out the overflow fast. I removed the carb and checked the float height and verified it was at specs. 8mm..It did it again, so I reset the float at 10mm which I think is the right direction to now allow as much gas in the float bowl. It still does it...What am I doing wrong? Is there possible some other cause? I took out the needle valve and assembly that it goes into and it is clean and the tip of the needle looks new...I am stumped...Any help would be appreciated...:thumbsup:

How does your float valve look? Is it moving smoothly (remove the float bowl, look from the side and move the float up and down)?

It appears the float needle isn't sealing, which is either due to dirt embedded on the tip (may not be visible) or a wear or dry-out condition.

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