fly wheel weight and timing

Does adding a heavy flywheel to an 02 yz 426 change the timing at all? Can I just change the flywheel and ride the woods? :thumbsup: or do I have to change anything else?

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shouldn't unless you fudge something up while putting it on but even that would be hard to do :\

Doesn't alter the timing at all unless you dislodge the woodruff key in the process. Pop the old one off, and the new one on.

However, a lot of the weighted flywheels and add-on weights for the 426 and early 450's do cover up the TDC marks on the flywheel, which makes it necessary to probe for TDC through the spark plug hole should it be necessary to find it (like for cam timing).

thanks guys....

I am getting a new heavier wheel instead of just the weight..... should help out quite a bit on the tech trails near my place and since I am far from even competent on the track:cripple: the lack of big hit won't make a difference to me.....


It won't really soften the hit as much as you think. Just takes the "edge" off, improves traction, and helps the engine run more smoothly at low speeds.

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