off idle bog

it wasnt bothering me too much when i first got the bike but now its just annoying i tried turning the accelerator pump screw clockwise like 5 times and that didnt work :D is it something with the pilot screw or something but i am also going to get the yz camshaft disconnect the grey wire get a pc t-4 and punch about 4 one inch holes in the right side ofthe airbox and rejet... then you guys think it will go away :D ?? thanks though :)



ever seen a film called 'one flew over the cuckoos nest'?


yea yea i forgot to say that im a power freak ... i cant stop doing those 80 mph wheelies by cars on the 395 out in mojave... that is fun :D:)

I've been working on mine for the last 3 hours to try to get rid of the same problem. My throttle response SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D;):p:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I am so frustrated! Every time I go from closed to 3/4 or more throttle, it just turns off. I just leaned out the needle one clip, changed the spark plug (which looked just right- barely grayish), tried everything from one turn to 4 turns out on the fuel screw, messed a bunch with the accelerator pump screw, and played with the choke a bunch going up and down the street about 40 times. :D

Here is what happens when I snap the throttle rolling in 3rd gear: if the engine is right at idle, the bike dies until I let off the throttle (to a complete stop). If it is between about 2500 and 4000 rpm, then it completely dies for almost exactly one second, then the power comes on like WAM!! Above 4500 or so, it turns off for a little less than a second then turns back on but with nothing special powerwise. Just sort of "Ok, well go again".

I am so sick of this. :cool: I rode a yz 450 today, and this problem did not exist at all. That motor was A TON more potent than mine. It felt like it had twice as much power, no kidding. Does anyone know of ALL of the differences between the yz and the wr carb? I am sold on the yz cam by the way. Getting one of those asap. thanks

Chris :D

Post your jetting so we can see whats up. Include altitude :)

Post deleted by live_to_ride

yeha i just fiddled around with the screw on the right side of the carb and i got rid of it a little bit.. i just cant snap the throttle when its idling or else it will stall, but i took it up this hill and did a wheelie up the whole thing :)... i think with those mods i mentioned above it will rip... but if i cant get the jetting ironed out then il just take it into my friends shop... i also think im going riding with my friend who just got the oneal works yz450f so after i ride that baby then ill get a good comparison of the wr to the yz :D

oh yea as for the jetting im at 3000 feet and the wr has the airbox snorkel out with the exhaust cork out and thats it and it has a 152 mainjet everything else is stock... until i get my hands on some aftermarket parts :):D

I can't see what the idle to 1/4 throttle jetting has to do with the problem. The problem is at 3/4 to full throttle. If I don't open the throttle past 1/2, then it is pretty much ok. When I am at low to low midrange rpm and grab a handful of throttle, it dies completely for a second.

Danny- are you talking about the screw under the cover?


also whats really messed up is that when i am about 1 hour into a ride my bike doesnt want to start without the choke on.. or even idle

What size pilot jet are you running?? might want to fiddle with that sounds like you may be a little rich in that dept

im running a 45 but i think im going to go to 2 turns out, yz needle (iforgot the letters) 4 clip, 160 or 162 or maybe a 165 main jet with a 42 pilot.. i think with the mods im going to do that should make it run pretty clean

i could also go one size smaller on the start/slow jet...

I put the yz needle in and my bike ran like crap, but taffy reeled me in with a smaller main/pilot setting. I would try a 150-155 with a 38-40 pilot. Start at 11/2 turns. Clip on 4 to start :)

yea ill try that when i get all the parts... what altitude are you running at??

I am at close to sea level, but from the posts I have read on the subject, Thats where I would start for your bike. You may also need to go with a different needle. Ifr ya get the chance, please reply to my wr450 only post so I can compile some more info


Well, I decided to try messing with the screw while riding this time. Suprise. I had the same results that I had when I was just reving the bike in neutral. Stock is always best. rrrr BAM... rrrr BAM... Lower rpm and/or grab more throttle rrrrrrrrrrrr BAM... rrrrrrrrrrrrrr BAM.... :)

Not sure but it sounds like your a little lean. Plug should be kind of a light choclate color. Grey means your to lean I think. I have riden from 3000' to around 4000' running a 158 main and a 48 pilot. I think it was 2 turns on the fuel screw and #4 or 3 on the clip but don't remember. The bike was a little rich but didn't bog unless you were in nuetral. Anyway just thought I would share the info and see if it helps.

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