2010 yz450 mxa suspension settings????

Since theyve reverted back to the old site I cant find these settings anywhere. I was hoping to try them this week. Can anyone inform me of the mxa suspension settings.

Here's the article

Fork settings:

Spring rate: 0.47 kg/mm

Oil quantity: 355cc

Compression: 10 clicks out (13 clicks out)

Rebound: 9 clicks out (10 clicks out)

Fork leg height: 0mm up

Shock Settings:

Spring rate: 5.7 kg/mm

Race sag: 100mm

Hi-compression: 1-1/2 turns out (1-1/4 stock)

Lo-compression: 7 clicks out (8 clicks out)

Rebound: 11 clicks out (14 clicks out)

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