Scott's Dampener Question

Hi All,

I'm installing a Scott's Dampener kit.

I bought the kit 2 summers back and never did complete it, now I'm working on it again. The 1st time, I bought the oil-bold post and it bottomed out on 1 side, so the shop took it back and I ordered a front-mount bracket/post combo. So, now the tripple clamp is installe, the front post is installed, and the stabilizer doesn't even come close to reaching the post???! I flipped aroundthe little piece that goes on top of the bars, but it's of no use? It looks like with this stabalizer you need to flip it upside down to use the front mounting position.

Do I need a different stabalizer arm? Different tripple clamp? Mabey (hopefully not) different bar mounts?

Help!!! thx.


You need a different stabilizer link arm. It's a bit longer than the original one to reach the front mount. Give Scotts a call or email, or ask the dealer you bought the mount from. I think they are about $30.

Thanks TommyA!

Is that the arm with the bend in it?

I'll give Scott's a call tomorrow.


good question

Well, since I can't mount it, I was screwing around with the high-speed valve control (the screw w/ the cap over it), and moving the arm to manually see how it changes the feel ----> Squirt! Nailed me right in the face! LOL. Yuk. Now, I need to re-fill it. grr.

Sure hope this thing is worth the trouble.


Sure hope this thing is worth the trouble is. You may not notice much difference when riding with it, but you'll notice the difference without it after riding with it for a while if that makes any sense. The best way to notice it is to remove it after spending time riding with it and you'll soon want it back on. If you smack a rock or something that would ordinarily jerk the bars from your hands, you'll be very glad you have it installed.

The following link should help you out when servicing your damper.

Thanks qadsan....good FAQ.


Squirt! Nailed me right in the face

Squirted you? Where did the oil come from? Everthing should be sealed. I don't remember a bent arm for mine.

Worth the trouble? You bet...better yet, let someone else who has a BRP ride yours with the stabilizer, and then ask them.

Loufish - I was un-screwing the high-speed circuit (flat-head under cap), and moving the control arm around to test the change in resistance and it blew the flat-head screw/valve assembly out of the dampener right at me! Made an awful mess. Since I hadn't used this device since purchasing it over 2 yrs ago, I was just trying to see if the oil had lost it's viscocity.


BTW....did your T4 system make much differnece power wise? Is it rediculously loud, or reasonable? thx.


It is the arm with the bend in it. It mounts reverse of the 'normal' arm.


BTW....did your T4 system make much differnece power wise? Is it rediculously loud, or reasonable? thx.

I did lose a little low end, I have the T-4 headpipes also, but it picked up in the middle, and of course the top end.

You might want to just replace the rear section of pipe, and silencer only, I hear you don't lose the low end that way. There are 2 rear exhaust caps for the T-4 and I have the smaller one, it did get louder, but not too much, but it does sound better. My buddy has the same set-up, but with the larger end cap, it's much louder!

Cool, thx! Did you need to fiddle w/ the jetting much?

The only jetting change was to the normal/common set up in the hop-up jetting kit.

Sell the Scotts. I am sure someone will buy it just for the name. Get a GPR. They are at all the D-37 races and will rebuild your stabilizer on the spot even if it really doesn't need it. Most of the time for free. GPR has by far the best support in the industry. Scotts acts like they are doing you some kind of favor. You gotta pay them $50 bucks and send your stabilizer in. Don't get me wrong Scotts makes a good product. But so does GPR and they totally support there product. Scotts doesn't even come close in that aspect. Performance wise. They are neck and neck. I give the nod to GPR because Scotts racer support is nonexistent. Go with the GPR, save money, get better support and excellent performance.

Sell the Scotts.

I wouldn't sell it, but I agree with "tp3dxf" completely other then that. If I where to do it all over again, I'd buy the GPR for all the already mentioned reasons. While I talked to the guys from GPR, at one of the D-37 races, they were servicing, and adjusting a bunch of guy's bikes, just like real customer service.

I have several close friends that are in the market for a stabilizer, and I gave them the same advice.

I like my Scott's, but I'd probably be just as happy with a GPR and I may buy one for Christmas for my sons bike . I too have been very impressed with GPR's service at the few races I've attended and they've always been nice to deal with on the few occassions I've talked with them.

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