How does a TT500 compare to a 426

I know a 426 is a more sophisticated bike as far as suspension and all but I am in a discussion with my uncles. Supposedly the TT500 was a BAD ASS machine in they days, lol.

The TT500 may have been a 'BAD ASS machine in its day' but would be no match for a 426 or any other modern big bore machine today. I had a TT500 back in 1976; bored it to 540 with a high compression piston; then bored and stroked it to 650cc. Now that was a 'BAD A$$ machine'!! :thumbsup:

The 426 will absolutely mop the floor with a TT500. No Question. Even the 650 big bore stroker high comp bike mentioned above wont touch the 426.

Its like comparing an 80's corvette to a new one, sure the old one was fast for its day, but its nothing like a new one.

For purposes of the conversation with your uncles, I guess you could say the TT was the YZF of its day because it was very powerful and very reliable. Otherwise, it's apples vs. oranges. Yes the TT was awesome and yes they're both Yami's but the only things that have not changed since 1980 are the two wheels and the basic 4-stroke engine operation. Here are some things the TT does not have: radiators, DOHC, mono-shock and USD forks, dual disc brakes, ECM (computer), TPS, accelerator pump, dry sump oiling, 13:1 compression, 11k redline, etc.

here are some things the tt does not have: Radiators, dohc, mono-shock and usd forks, dual disc brakes, ecm (computer), tps, accelerator pump, dry sump oiling, 13:1 compression, 11k redline, etc.
...46 hp...

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