o-ring chain

do you guys run o ring chains with a split link?

ive just had a renthal o-ring fitted and it has a split link in,,,last time i went to a different dealer and they said the golden rule is never use a split link.

any views?

Split link? I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe a half link but I dont think they are available. You don't mean the master link do you?

Half link? I would only run it if you have to, such as odd gearing. I have an o-ring and do not have to ajust my chain evey single time I ride it around the yard!

I've never heard of a "split link" either...and I read every technical article I can get my greasy geezer paws on. What is that? Is that a master link instead of riveted?

I think what Mark is refering to is a "half link." These I believe are only used if a chain is cut too short, and only 1/2 of a link is needed to give it the appropriate slack in the chain.

They have a small hole drilled through the pin where a piece of wire(or VERY tiny codder pin) is placed and bent over to hold it the link on the chain.

I tried to find one of these about a year ago(for a friend's Banshee) but I couldn't find one. So, we used a very old one(70s-80s) of my Dad's instead.

I don't think I would recommend using one of these, especially in an O-ring chain. I could be worng, but it just seems like they would speed up the wearing process, maybe the chain, and both sprockets.

They look funny too.

Just my 2cents


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A split link is a normal link with a clip. The clip can pop off when the bike is rolled backwards (very rare) The other type is a press fit. Requires a specal tool to install. I'm a motorcycle mechanic and i hate the press type

I've used half links in the past and would not recommend using them. There is enough chain adjustment in todays bikes. The olny reason to consider using one is for axle positon. If this is what you are after, modify the sprocket combination slightly to get the axle position and gear ratio you desire.


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