decompressions on a WR400

A friend of mine recently traded his KTM 125sx for a 2000 WR400F. I did the '03 exhaust cam mod to my '02 YZ250F and I was wondering if the exhaust cam mod worked for the '00 WR400 also. If any body has done this or has knowledge about if this can be done please reply.

By the way, we rode in the rain today and he let me ride that WR. I thought I was going to get to ride it around the track backwards a couple of times when the back end would come whipping around on the corners :). He has the Dunlop 739's on it still and it was a handful in the slick stuff.


From everything I've read, the cam mod should work fine. I'm going to do my '99 400 in th enext few weeks. I kicked over a friends 250 with the new cam and it was way too easy to start. Can't have him one up on me :)

So what cam do you use, the '03 YZ450F of the '03 WR450F? Do you know the part number for that?

I tried a search about it on this forum but I wasn't very successful. Do you know of any threads that I can search to read more about it?

Thanks for the help.

look in the YZ 400 forum. It has a thread that explains all of it with pictures. :)

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