Difference Between 06 and 08 Forks?

Hi, I recently sold my 06 YZ450F and picked up a leftover 08 YZ450F. Before I sold my 06, I took off the holeshot device and figured I could use it on my 08, but it doesnt seem to fit on my 08 for some reason. The holeshot device on the 06 took the place of the stock fork guard wear ring, but when I try to do the same on the 08 it doesnt fit. Are the wear rings different? I thought the forks were identical from 06-09, but obviously not. Anyone else have similar experiences? Is there any way I could make the holeshot device from my 06 work on my 08, rather than spend like 70 bucks for a new one for the 08

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I know that the upper fork tube changed in 08 and that the wear ring is different as well, other than that I can't comment on how to make the holeshot device work.

Nope i think in 08 the wear ring was changed to a black wear ring that is shorter in height and was changed from white to black. I just finished rebuilding my 08 forks and the pivot works fork rebuild kit came with the white ones which of course didnt fit...I could be wrong but I dont think your holeshot device is gonna work on the 08...

The fork tubes and lugs are different between 07 and 08. 08 axle moved back a little in the lug to change the offset.

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