yz 426

my 426 is running hot,steam an anifreeze is coming out the overflow tube and i can hear it boiling inside the radiator does anyone have any ideas what it could be,I have checked the water pump and it is working fine.

Did it just start running hot???? Are you sitting and idling for a long time?? I am a new owner of a 01 426 and i have been reading they run a little hot.

When the whole system is healthy, they generally won't tolerate standing at idle for more than 90 seconds once warmed up. Boiling at that point would be considered somewhat typical. If it boils more easily than that, or tends to boil while riding, it could be weak coolant (too much water, or just plain too old), a weak cap, scale, or mineral deposits in the radiators, or it could be a leaking head gasket.

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