posh plugs

ok ok i'm getting old, but i used to use plugs by NGK called 'gold palladium's'. do they do a plug like that for these?


what's up lads? am i getting too technical for you?


The one you are looking for is the CR8EVX which is a platinum fine wire. I haven't found a gold-palladium (GV) plug from NGK in the YZF reach and diameter.

I've run the EVX as wide as .040" with the stock YZF ignition, and was able to lean the main to get a few more revs. Other than that I haven't found any measureable advantages to justify the differnce in cost for the EVX.


thanks rich

it sounds a worthwhile investment given a seasons racing. i was thinking of buying the 7 in this if my starting problems continued, but i've gone back to standard 45 pilot & it's ok now.


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