my new 2010 WR450

Finally bought a brand newie after years of buying 2nd handers, picked it up this afternoon and went for a quick run. loved it! love the BUTTON!

never owned a WR before always had YZ450 426 etc. big difference

cant wait to get it out on the trails:busted::lol::thumbsup::banana:




Very nice. It came from the showroom exactly like that?

hey, i just bought a new 2010 as well and yes mine looks just the same, im taking all the indicators and the mirrors off until i get it registered.

One thing i was just wondering if it happens to yours or not, when you first start the bike to warm it up, you let it warm up, mine stalls some times and the the e-start wont work, its like its flat, but then leave it a few seconds or a minute then works fine.

Another question, is yours hard to get into nuetral, my thoughts would be a new bike needs time to loosen up.


YamaLink : yeah thats striaght out of the show room.

homer2000: went for a few ride today, started fine on cold start and ran straight away, as for neutral i found it easlier finding it coming down from second? your probably right get a few more km's on it and i should start to feel normal.

looking to set it up with smoto wheels/tyres etc can anyone give me a bit of advice on wat ill need to set it up, aslo brands to steer clear of..just want a setup for the road and a the orginal setup for trail.



Warp 9 is the chepest route most likely unless you can fab some street bike rims to work. You'll need rims, spokes,tubes, and Hubs (since you are wanting to keep your stock hubs/rims for dirt), and a bigger front brake rotor is adviseable....320mm. EBC makes a kit and so does Braking I believe. .Also need brake caliper bracket. Warp 9 comes with a disk and bracket. Good set of tires...and you are ready to rock. Oh, and get some good radiator fluid and watter wetter or the like, in case you find yourself in traffic. Some people use a 1.6 psi radiator cap also to help prevent boil over.

thanks mate appreciate the info, just emailed warp9 to get a quote for a SM kit comes with over sized front rotor and adaptor bracket.

ive read some post on here mentioning something about mods needed to be done to the speedo sender and off setting the rear sprocket??

any info on this would be appreciated

cheers rob

got a quick question guys, ive found a motard setup off a 2001 wr250f

would this setup suit the 2010 wr450's?

adaptor bracket suit the caliper mounts?

the only thing i dont know yet is tyre sizes (width)

any other things i should look out for?



good stuff Rob your gonna love ya new bike

thanks guys, cant stop riding the thing!

just doesnt feel good on the road with them nobbies!

you guys have any idea if those wheels would fit my bike?

im guessing they would??



You got a new bike, dont be tight with the cash and buy a gytr motard kit like i did. It has a full brembo front brake set up. Everything bolts staight on, ready to ride, no stuffing around worrying about if things will fit. But yes the speedo will be 10km/h out. I have 09wr450 i can not adust aussie model genuine speedo.

you've got a point there mate, what did that setup set you back?

the budgets a bit tight after buying the bike, helment etc...



The full GYTR moard kit $2500. I also got good dunlop tyres in that price. You can find the kit on in the accesories section i think.

i was reading up on the gyte kit on, somones mentioned that they no longer import those kits into aus?



Thanks for all the advice guys, didn't end up getting those 2nd hand wheels, just ordered a set of geinhart wheels.

Any advice on tires? Been reading a few posts on here and the pilots sound like a good street tyre?

Aslo a quick question regarding spocket ratios, I use to ride a 06 YZ450 and use to run stock ratio (13-49)

Any difference with a wr? Or could I run the same ratios?

I wantedto leave the stock 13t on the front to save changing it everytime I change the setup, what size rear sprocket should I run on the road setup to accomplish a 14-42 ratio?



Very nice. It came from the showroom exactly like that?

Wow they sure look different down under. The light looks a lot different than mine. I have a 2009. I thought there wasn't going to be a 2010 WR450.

Congrats man and enjoy! Don't forget to check out the free mod section here on TT. Maybe you don't need to there though I don't know about other countries bikes but the US version needs to be uncorcked major! :)

13/39. Ur better of going to 14t. Get two rear. 42 for street 45,46,47,or 48 for dirt. The 14 will give u better chain wear on street gearing over the 13. Mike

tardered the bike over the weekend, so much better on the road

aslo fitted a vapor kit

Mrmonk7663: yeah i went 14-42 ratio

jw423: bike comes from dealer with all free mods done which was good.

few pics not great quality








Hi Rob,

Is that a key operated ignition switch and did you fit it? does that Vapor speedo clock illuminate like the Yam one does?



Could you ingquire w/ your Aus. Yamaha dealer about the part # and cost of the rear fender/plate holder that makes the wr street legal.. that'd be killer on mine and let me got thru the dmv inspection to get street legal..

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