Pilot Screw, where to order from...

Time to replace my missing pilot screw, does anyone have a part number for it??? I looked on Sudco's page, but only found jets.....little help here.


Dodger :)


I have a set I will sell ya cheap. I bought it for my 450..but it won't fit. pm or email me your addy, and I will drop it in the mail tomorrow


I am working on Boulder now. I may still have the old pilot screw from my 02 426. If not, they have the zipty pilot screws at Performance cycle in Denver. If I can find the screw its yours.

PM me if you need any help on this.


Plus you can just ask for Paul at Sudco, he will help you.

I got mine fast.

YO Dodger!

If you are lucky enough to talk to the Sudco dude (I wasn't... just an order-taker-girl), find out what the settings for the adjustable screw they sent me are (and let me know)!

If my boss was a kinder person :):D, I would be out your way (Northglenn), with my bike, over the 4th for a "family rebellion" at my cousin's... But, alas... :D

Funny how "indispensible" an employee wanting his vacation time is... right up 'till the moment you piss 'em off enough... then it's: "I have 9 other guys I could replace you with in a heartbeat! :D ..."

Chaindrive, if you're talking about the adjustable pilot air screw, here is a chart.


That's the one I need, Wicked. Thanks!!! :D I wonder why they don't include that with the purchase..? :)

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