dougie how was rampart?

i tried to go there last sunday and it was snowing, cold and snowpacked. we ended up at that track by morrison. i couldn't tell if the snow was just from that day or if it hadn't melted yet. thanks for the info


Hey JT, Rampart should be close to all the way open. We were there two weeks ago and there were only a few snow patches we had to push through. We got rain and snowed on but nothing real bad. We got about 25 miles in on 673, 674, 675 and the trail behind the

Sprucewood. A couple of other guys we ran into said the South part (the 677 area) is all clear.

I'm sure it is ridable. Probably a few patches but nothing that will keep you from riding.

We are going Saturday at Noon. Marty is going to meet us. If you can make it, we will be behind the Sprucewood.

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