Lookin' to replace 520exc with WR450, anyone done it?

Had a '98 YZ400 B4 the KTM520 and am up for a new ('04) bike. Not sure on which 450, WR or KTM. Love the KTM but looking for a change. Has anyone done similar. Nice decision to have to make huh :)

i would take the 520 and put a 570 punch out kit in it.... after that... hold on put a smaller rear sprocket on that baby with a new pipe... then hold on (personally id duct tape my hands on there and put a wheelie bar on the back because your talking about 110 mph+ and 100 mph wheelies forever :D:):D :D :D :D

but then again its your riding style the 450 is a lot more nimble and flickable in the woods than a 520, but both bikes have about the same top speed i think, so if things are going to get where you need the best of both worlds the 450 is a good bet i would think.. and with a few mods

Try before you buy has always made these decisions easy for me, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if i have changed from one to the other or not because i can guarentee you my freind my preferences and riding style is bound to be nothing like yours :)

I did it! 13 yeas of riding KTM’s and I thought it was time for a change! Selling my 2000 520EXC, which I love!!!!! and bought a new WR450F. I have struggled with the Yamaha handling :D for approx 250 miles. Only starting to get a feel for the bike. Switch with my KTM friends for a while and I feel right at home on the KTM. Something about the feel and handling. Anyway, as far as the power, I am 6’1” 200pounds and the 520 always put a smile :Don my face while riding. I switched to the 450 because of all the talk about how much easier the 450 was in the woods. I have not found this to really be true! :) The difference is so slight; I would prefer the additional power of the 520. Find someone with a new 450 and ride it long enough to form your own decision. :D

My dad grought home a 520exc the day after I got my 01 426 and has at least twice as many miles on it. (RETIRED) Anyway, I rode his bike last night and was amazed how easy it was to ride. Gobs of power, good brakes, and feels lighter. If it wasn't for the $1,000 or so price difference, I might be sold on a KTM. We don't have much choice for a shop where I am, so the Big Blue decision is easier yet. Good luck with your decision though, I wish it was mine to make. :)

Another big plus for the KTM 520EXC is that it is a green sticker bike and has a CA approved EPA sticker which makes it much easier to street license it.

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