Oh yea!

Any one tried the 01 ti valves in a 2000 426 yet?

Hold it wide...


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I thought I read something about the valve guides or something else being different so we could not just swap 'em. I think the magazine said it would not be worth the trouble.

This was printed in the Jan. '01 issue of Dirt Rider, pg 126.

"According to Yamaha, the valve guides in the head of the '01 YZ426F differ from that of the '01 head. Because of this, it is not possible to just switch your standard valves to the '01 titanium valves. You would have to buy an entire head assembly from an '01."

Thx for the reply fellas,

I get the feeling the mags are right,

"not worth it"

Guess i'll just save my money and keep everything fresh.


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