650R availability in the East

Looking for a little help from guys East of AZ.

I've been told dealers in some other States have brand new xr650R's sitting on the floors, unable to sell 'em, just wanting to get rid of them.

If this is the case and the deals are better than I can find here in So.Cal. then I'm into taking a couple of them off their hands.

A friend is heading from San Diego to NJ for the Six Days Qualifier next week and would be willing to pick up a couple bikes for me. Of course I don't want to make him drive too far out of his way so any shops suggested need be as close as possible to his route - I-40, Ok.City, Indy., Akron, NJ (connect the dots).

If you happen to know of a dealer who's tired of dusting the 650s let me know! Any help is appreciated!!

Heck, I saved about $1400 (compared to So.Cal. price) buying my KTM450 in Miami. Maybe I can save some loot on XR's too....




If you're near Denver you might try Exel Honda and/or Fay Myers.

I'm sure both would be willing to wheel & deal.

Exel had 650r's going for 3800 last season.

Not sure if it's still on.


Try www.sunent.com and deal only with the internet / finance manager. I've heard they're an expensive dealer to buy from based on comments from local people who've dealt with them in person, but they're one of the largest volume Honda dealers in the US and sometimes they get some smoking auction deals from Honda. I bought my brand new XR650R from them as a left over 2001 model for $3450 + $125 crating/overnight shipping via forward air + dealer fees (less than $4K to me). They had bought a bunch of XR650R's at auction and blew out the last 5 for that very low price, so I was very lucky to buy at the right place at the right time (thanks to another TT member who turned me onto this deal :)). I remember when I was looking for XR650R's that Honda of Chanute KS had them for $4100 OTD + shipping, but that was more than a year ago.

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