Yellow plastic for 02 426?

Anyone know were i can get yellow plastic for my 426? I've searched everywhere and no luck. It has yellow plastic with old school hurrican graphics now and i wnt to freshin it back up. I was told it could possably have 06 450 plastic on it, but i'm not sure. I love the look it has and don't want to change it so any help would be gratly appreciated. Thanks !!!!

pkthomas....what did you ever find out?

still searching. no luck yet.

I looked on the slyfoxmx site and it looks like 2000-2002 Yz426 and Yz250f are the same parts. I think yellow is 2006 50th Anniversary stuff hope this helps.

i,ll check it out thanksalot

250 and 426 are the same. Unfortunately, as these bikes are getting older, all of the shops that made the yellow stuff have discontinued. You may be able to find someone with old stock sitting on the shelf, but no one makes new any more. UFO still makes white plastic for them, but few people stock it. Black and blue seem to be the only choices readily available.

If you must have yellow, you may want to try to collect a subframe, airbox and side panels for a 450 from flea bay or craig's list, and either an OEM 450 tank (steel frame only) or aftermarket steel frame 450 tank, and convert to the 450 plastics. It's not that difficult to do (search here for threads documenting the stuff to do and brackets to make), and then pick up yellow 450 plastics and hurricaine or oem graphics...

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