buying an older bike

Do you think it is a good idea to buy a plated 2003 wr450 (the only reson i'm interested is because its plated)? The guy only wants $1,800 for it but I dont know if I want a seven year old fourstroke around. From the pictures it doesn't look like its a particularly low hour bike. Should I buy it and put in a new piston and rings or is this thing probably ready to explode.

Probably not going to explode... well-ridden, previously enjoyed, high time bikes can often very reliable because someone who rides a lot will usually stay up to date on maintaining their bike. Just a thought...

At just $1800 you could freshen up all the high wear items and still be ahead of the curve. I bought my plated '03 last year and have 2-3k dirt miles on it and it runs great.

One thing you have to find out is if the starter has been ugraded. If not then I'd pass on it.

pshhh... remove starter, problem solved... haha. Kicking them isn't that hard...

Thanks for the replys I'm still trying to decide what I want to do. If I do buy it i'm going to have to put DOT approved tires on it so it will pass inspection (he doesn't ride it on the road much so he hasn't bothered getting it inspected for a few years). I would probably get a new piston and rings put in. I'm not really worried about the starter, the battery in my honda has been dead since a month after I got it. So if I pay $1,800 (I doubt he will come down any, he first had it listed for $2,500) for it and put tires and a piston in it I'll have around $2,300 in it assumeing it doesn't need anything else. I guess $2,300s not bad for a 2003 fourstroke with a new piston and tires.

It's not the battery that's the problem. It's the woodruff key. When that goes it'll frag the motor.

I decided not to buy it, thanks for the help.

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