WR450 electric starter - stuffed after 150km's

Hey guys, well my 450 must be about 5 weeks old and yesterday morning, while on a camping trip, I started it up in the usual manner choke out, 3 twists on the throttle, and press the button, it fired up to life. Then as I put the choke in after I thought it was warmed up it stalled.

So I pulled in the hot start lever, pressed the button and all it made was a click, like the battery was dead, checked the battery, it was fine, so I decided to take off the electric starter inspection plate on the side, and there looking right at me was a small handfull of metal filings, completely sheared starter motor pinon gear, and 2 teeth missing of the main idler gear that connects to the starter pinion.

It looks to me like the starter motor didn't disengage on starting and worn to shreds by the motor running, is the pinion on the starter motor supposed to retract on starting, has anyone else had similar problems???

I never appreciated the kick starter until then, suffice to say I wasn't too happy riding it full of metal filings and didn't have any more oil, so it when back on the trailer. Lucky the girlfriends wr250 2 stroke came with us!!

Sounds like the old woodruff key problem, except it sheared the starter gear instead of the "cheaper" woodruff key :)

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