2001 yz426 valve cover

Ok guys i have a 2001 yz426 Today i took it for the very first ride since i bought the bike. Well today i noticed there was oil leaking out of the valve cover vent tube why is this??? The bike is not running hot and the bike runs very strong.

The big 12mm tube that runs down the frame? That would be somewhat normal if you mean that there's a drip or two coming from that, especially when you run it hard. It's the crankcase breather. Things that could result in an excess of oil expelled would be a fairly gross oil overfill or weak rings.

When I first got my 426 I took it out to ck the oil while it was cold and thought it needed it some. Added a full qt. before it read on the stick. Found out that I read it wrong. Warm it up first then check oil after you shut it down:bonk:

I noticed it was leaking quit a bit ( it looks like a lot to me) every time we would stop riding and take a break for 5 mins i would see about 3-6 drops and a little oil on the frame.

Thanx for the help

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