Suspension tuners for offroad--Who did you use and did you like the results?

How much would any of these guys charge for a fork revalving? Anyone care to say?



Tim, I see you live in IL. I had my forks done at MX-Tech, about an hour south of you. MX Action mag. said they had the best yz fork mods, the revalve, new wipers, seals, and oil cost me $285. they seem to be very professional. Good luck, mike

Thanks Kevin, great info.

Tim, I got a price of 638 from mxtech for a revalve with their pistons on the front and rear and also front and rear springs. Throw in shipping both ways and your looking at 700 bucks.

I know Jeremy at MX Tech. he is good and will stand behind his work. You will also get his personal attention not someone doing a cookie cutter valve job.

Also I have had some good luck with Race-Tech's stuff on the RM's & DR's but I did have to mod. the stack a little beyond there recomendations to suit my personal preference.

Don't forget C's Cycle suspensions in Ct. Craig is my hero. I have been working with him for the last 5 years R&D-ing for the old guys that like it plush, with good mid. speed resistance and light know, [PERFECT]. ha,ha,ha....

You CAN have it all, DON'T settle for less.

"old, grumpy & picky, kevin6n"

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