2010 YZ450 Gearing

Whats the best combo for gearing, racing MX, etc.

What are you boys running, and whats it ride like?

Stock 13/48 seems tall

whats the best combo for gearing, racing mx, etc.

What are you boys running, and whats it ride like?

Stock 13/48 seems tall

13 50

I'm running 14/51.

12/48 this keeps it in 3rd most of the most track corners

I'm running 14/51.

On a 2010?

jeepentj how is the 14/51

Before you get too excited, you should understand that 14/51 and 13/48 are effectively identical (3.64 vs. 3.69)

Would the 14/51 still make the gears any higher since your adding to it?

Or i shouldnt say higher, they would have the same gearing ratio but just longer right?

In theory, a 14/51 will wear longer because it has more teeth bearing the same load, and produce less losses to friction and reduced chain wear because the chain rollers don't pivot as far in rolling around the larger sprockets, particularly the front. In practice, there's not a very significant difference in anything other than the front sprockets. A 14 will wear noticeably less than a 13 over the life of the chain set, but will still need to be replaced by the time a really good chain is worn enough to warrant replacement.

The friction reduction is probably unmeasurable. There's only a two degree difference in the link angle of pivot at the front.

I added a tooth to the back. It made a little difference. The best combo depends on the track. I found this one works pretty well for me. Individual preference is important.

Is anyone running a 14/52?

Lots of guys running 13/49, which is the same thing as 14/52, really.

One thing you start to run into with rear sprockets that large is an excessive amount of drag on the trailing edge of the lower chain guide under decel loads.

Im debating on whether to pick up a 49 or 50 rear sprocket. The bike is currently stock and i would like to use 3rd gear more so i was thinking of trying the 50 but will this be too much with an aftermarket exhaust like a yosh?

13/50 W/ drd exaust and jay marmot map puts you in third gear for most corners. makes 3rd gear in the meat of the power for 50' to 65' jumps, where stock 13/48 you would be lugging it or over jumping.

I too am running 13/50 with the jay marmot map and it made a huge difference.

I ride trails and it made lifting the front up much easier in 1st, 2nd and 3rd for logs and puddles etc.

I run 13/49 and it seems fair for all conditions track or trail. I've been thinking of going to 50 but haven't really seen a need to. I always buy $20 primary drive sprokets and experiment since they are so cheap and if you don't like it your only out 20 bucks.

I'm running a 13/51 on the tight trails around here and it made a huge difference over the stock 13/48. Only downside is you want a 6th gear on many occasion on fire roads or otherwise...of course I did with a 13/48 as well, but not as much.

Yes I agree, when it comes to a logging/fire road 5th tops out quite quickly with 13/50. Engine is screaming and starts to get really hot :excuseme:

I think i'll just go ahead and get the 50. thanks!!

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