Will an 04 header fit an 06?

Hey guys, I smashed up my 2006 YZ450F header pretty good, I dont think the freezing trick will fix this one..

I found a used 2004 Header on ebay, will that fit my 2006?

If not, the cheapest alternative is a GYT-R Stainless steel header for like 100$, but I can only find those for 2005. Will an 05 fit?

No, I don't believe so.

Yes it will, 03-06 headers are the same, silencer is different between the 06 and the earlier steel framed models though (mount on the midpipe is in a different spot). The header diameter was increased for 07, and again for 08 and 09, so those headers won't work unless you get a silencer to match them.

I bought a LeoVince Slip on and it came with the donut style gasket for either header for my 08. I use my 04 header with the thicker donut gasket. Not sure where to get those gaskets in different sizes than stock but if you can find them that would do the trick.

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