transmission question yz450 05

I put my new cases together,I've got a issue with my transmission.It wants to bind up at a revolution and a half.You can go through it but it gets's on the main axle of the transmission.the gears had no chips or broken teeth.i didn't pull the gears off the does it in all gears but not all the also has about 1/8 of a revolution before it engages the transmission drive axle,is this normal.thanks for any input

The 1/8 turn thing is about right. As far as the lockup goes, be certain that the main shaft is drawn all the way right (clutch side), and the output shaft is drawn all the way left, then try it again. If you aren't sure, stand the clutch up on side side and the sprocket, etc., on the other, and tighten them both down.

gray I tried the shaft pull,does the same thing.I pulled the cases apart 5 times the other night,come to the conclusion that gear #7 is getting into gear #22,by about 1/8 in.Is their any way to measure a shifting fork to see if it's bent.The fork by eye looks good.The transmission lock up might be why i ripped my hub apart and busted the case.thought it was a rock got in between the chain and sprocket.thanks

Is their any way to measure a shifting fork to see if it's bent(?)
Only by comparing to a new one.

problem solved.My transmission drive shaft had a little tweak.I couldn't tell it when i had it apart but after the 9th or 10th time apart while running the transmission thru the gears i thought i seen where it was binding,wasn't sure though.I had another shaft laying around and installed that and that cured the problem.Must have tweaked the shaft when my chain bunched around the drive sprocket.Sorry i'm late posting the fix,i know i like the completed story.Thanks gray

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