2006 Swring Arm on 2004 WR450

Will a swing arm from a 2006wr450 fit a 2004 wr450. Yamaha lists different parts and prices but I heard something about yamaha beefing the 06 up or some crap....im assuming that it bolts in no problem to the 03-05....Can anyone confirm or deny this?


Anyone? Also what about 06 forks?

i know the forks different.. the 04 has 46mm, the 06 has 48mm..

one of my riding partners has an 04 and i have an 06.. the bikes look alot alike, but there is not much that will go from one to the other ...

the fuel tanks are different..

his has the old design head..

most of the plastic looks the same though...

I think I found that you can use the forks, but you must buy new tripple clamps and lower clamps, or use the 06 clamps...and its advisable to use the 05/06 stem instead of the old one. As far as swingarm, after thinking, I think it should be no problem. There have been tons of guys on here who have swapped 05 and 06 frames onto 03 and 04 WRs.....by simply doing that it shows that the earlier swingarms fit in the newer frames, so it would stand to reason that the newer swingarms would fit in the older frames as well...I think lol.

i would think so also.(on the swing arm).. but you never know.. I was really surprised how different those two wr's are.. I have rode them back to back and the 04 is faster, imo btw...

i would think you could find a set of clamps for an 06 on ebay, keep in mind the 06 wr has a place to mount the digital speedo to, that your 04 does not have..

i think an 05 yz450 48mm also i think clamps would work also, but have no place to mount your odo...

kinda went thru all this trying to put pro tapers on my 06.. ended up with pro taper solid mounts bolted right to my 06 top clamp.. worked great..

My speedo is long gone. If I do endup getting the forks or swimgarm I'll let yall know how it works

cool... my suspension is all off right now and the wr is scattered.. if you need any pixs of anything let me know..

what part of TX ? Amarillo for me..

Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm in the Houston/Humble area.

Alright, well I got a 2006 swingarm off a bike that only had 5 hours on it....so it looks perfect. Also picked up a rear brake caliper from same bike, and rear master. My stuff still works fine, but for the price I couldn't pass it up, and it looks better. The swingarm I bought because A. Mine has some rash from riding and B. I want to powder coat this puppy and make the bike "more purty." The frame will be kept the stock blue purple color for now. Do you think black would look good keeping the factory frame color or no?

i have never seen one done that way...don't have any input on that...

glad it workd

I'd recommend that you look into having the swing-arm anodized, rather than powder coated. If you get a scratch on an anodized swing-arm all you have is a scratch (which can be covered up with a black sharpie marker). If you get a scratch in a powder coated swing-arm, the powder coating can start to flake off in large chunks.


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