Banged Up Foot (Again) - Time for MX Boots?

Riding Single track this weekend in a deep rut, didn't see the big rock sticking out of the side of the rut cause of the grass, smacked my left foot and pinched it against my XR6. :D No broken bones (I think), just a little swelling and some nice color and a small limp to accompany my bruised ego after ruining an otherwise great trail ride.

I currently ride with some heavy duty red-wing boots that I used when I fought forest fires back when I was young and free. But after banging up my foot this weekend again (did the same thing last fall) I'm thinking maybe I need to pony up for some good MX boots. I know I'm just a cheap bastard who should buy them anyway, but... :)

My question is will the MX boots offer better foot protection then my current boots. No doubt they offer better shin and ankle protection but do they protect the foot any better than the heavy leather and heavy-duty sole on my current boots. I do wear a shin and knee guard combination when I ride, kind of hokey but they seem to work.

Thanks for any input.

Thanks for the link, after studying the entire article (and refering to my anat. & phys. text book several times) I've decided it's time to pry open the wallet and lay down some change for some good MX boots.

I especially appreciated the testing of the "Toe Box Crush Strength" which would have helped me considerably and for which my current boots provide no significant protection.

My toes thank you :).


If you have anywhere near a normal sized foot, my suggestion is to shop TT here on the selling/WTB forum or Ebay. I bought my tech 8's (used, but in good condition other than the soles) on Ebay for $75. I don't ride offroad very often, so I didn't want to spend a bunch of money. They were supposedly owned by Fred Andrews previously - who Anyway, another board member here had a couple year old (but new condition) pair of Sidis for like $130 I think. There are deals to be had if you look around.

Hope this helps,


Great advice above about Ebay & TT! Don't be in a hurry to buy boots unless you need them today. Just bide your time until you find a good deal cause it will probably come sooner than later. I got some new Tech 8's on Ebay at a killer price a year or so ago, but I like my Sidi's better and I got them through special summer closeout pricing dfirectly from Motonation (Sidi's USA exclusive distributor). Go to a store that has a large boot selection and try on everything to help you decide what you like and then go hunting. Good luck!

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