2001 426 clutch

So far, I haven't heard any complaints about the '01 426 clutch, whereas complaints about the '00 426 were many by this time last year.

Looks like they've fixed the problem, so IMVHO (in my very humble opinion), if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Has Yamaha made any improvements to the 01 clutch? After 3 months of racing my 2000 the clutch became very grabby. I had to go into the clutch and file off the spring groves on the hub shafts (where the springs go onto the hub). This fixed the problem untill the springs groved up the hub spring shafts again.

Should I race with the 01 stock clutch? Or should I bite the bullet and buy a hinson? I am ways start in second gear.

If I need get a hinson should I get the whole ball of wax, or just hub and basket? Don't realy have the cash right now.

Thanks for your thoughts.

My 2000 also developed the grabby clutch after several hours of use. The Hinson is smooth and gives that precise feel. I HAD the extra cash.

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