Terry Cable Hot Start Carb Connection?

I am trying to install the Terry Cable hot start. How do I connect the hose to the carb? Can I romove the hot start button and modify it some how? Or should I just buy Terry Cables adapter that screws right into the carb?


The following assumes you have an ’00 or newer, and, judging from your name, you do…

Unscrew the hot start button and plunger to remove.

Note the position of the hot start manifold inlet inside the hole vacated by the plunger, it should be at like 7 o’clock.

Mark the supplied Terrycable fitting to indicate the position of its air slot on the outside of the fitting.

Use blue loctite and thread the fitting in as tight as you can while still leaving the air slot near the position of the carb to manifold inlet.

Attach the hose to the fitting and, while blowing in the hose, turn the fitting until you get the most air flow.

Route the hose to bars and install on the switch fitting.

Blow in the hot start opening with it on to make sure the hose did not kink.

Mount the switch to your bars.

I’m guessing that you are trying to install a ‘98-’99 kit on an ’00? Yes, you will need the special fitting because it closes off the old hot-start air path while still allowing the hose access to the carb to manifold passage. A “normal” hose barb type fitting will allow extra air into the motor at all times whether the bar-mount switch is toggled or not.

Hopefully they will sell you the adapter separately…

Is this the answer you were after?

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