Lexx MXe Pipe

Ok, I was quite skeptical in ordering a sub $200 pipe for my beloved WR450, but all the reviews I've read about the Lexx were optimistic and full of good things. So, in the interest of meeting the new sound requirements in Colorado starting July 1st, I was in desparate need of a quiter pipe. The tunability of the Lexx was attractive and so was the price.....

So, I ordered one. I have to say, if you are in the market for a pipe to save weight, this is NOT the pipe for you. It's the same as the stock pipe weight (by feel), so there is no noticeable weight savings. However, if you are in the market for a seemingly well made QUIETer pipe (than a YZF pipe) that is spark arrested and looks good on a budget even, then this IS the pipe for you!! I'm very very impressed with the value and quality for the price.....the sound is great, not too loud, but also not a whisper or a "fart machine" like the stock WR pipe is....it's throaty, but NOT annoying. I'm very pleased with the crispness of the throttle without having to re-jet from a YZ pipe configuration.

All in all, power is nice (darn near identical to the YZ pipe by feel), sound is "appropriate", and it's spark arrested for a measely $200!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're in need of a budget pipe to meet sound/SA requirements, take a serious look at the Lexx MXe.......:thumbsup:

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