Suspension help for WR426

I need to change my fork seals on my WR426 and have a quick question.

After you remove the fork cap, you have to press down the spring and insert a spanner wrench to be able to remove the cap from the the rest of the assembly. I don't have a spanner wrench and my box wrenches are too fat to fit between the spacer and the spring guide. What size wrench is required to be able to completely remove the fork cap? I need to buy a wrench of the appropriate size. If I can't get a narrow wrench, I'll buy a box wrench and just grind it down so that it is thin enough.


cant remember for sure... was at a buddy's house doing his one day and ran into the same thing.. we used a small thin cresent wrench and it went right in.. luckily they were not that tight.. then you could check the size for sure..

Starting with the '05, the rod lock nut was much more accessible. On the older ones, you can use a fairly normal 17mm or 11/16" open end if you pull the spring and the steel "top hat" down a ways. I always used a normal Snap-On combo wrench, but they are a little thinner than some.

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