Newbee... Too much bike ??

I originally posted that the YZF is a good trail bike - let me clarify - I meant good but not great. If you want to plonk along on tight trails there are many bikes that are better at that sort of thing (including the WR426). This is not even considering that the YZF (or WR)can be a beeeyatch to restart in a tight situation. Also, the YZ426F has a taller first gear than the YZ400F.

If you need a motocrosser that can go on the the occasional trail ride, the YZF is a good choice, but a mountain goat - it isn't.

If I keep this up, I might talk myself into a KTM520 EXC (electric start)with resprung and revalved suspension for moto. But that would mean my dirt bike would be worth four times as much as the piece of junk vehicle I drive. Will the madness ever stop?

At least you have your priorities in order!

But that would mean my dirt bike would be worth four times as much as the piece of junk vehicle I drive. Will the madness ever stop?[/b]
Originally posted by YZ426 Kicks:

This bike is not for the mechanically timid, i.e., its maintenance hungry.


Hi, im kinda interested in this portion of what randy said. ive been waiting for a while for all the mags to start talking a bit about maintenance on the f's but doesnt seem they will.

im not an expert, but i always thought a 4 stroke needed less maintenance, maybe its more complicated once you do it but you dont have to do it as often..?

also, im interested in how the titatnium valves will affect the maint schedule. from what i understand titanium is a flexible metal, does this mean its also softer? and if so will the valves wear much more quickly than others? also the short stroke seems to be great for high revs but that means a short crank offset. does this put more pressure on bearings and crank than others?

i have to admit one of the reasons im looking at the f is i thought the maint would be a little less drastic than a buzzer, is this not true?



p.s. went to anaheim last night, a great carmichael-mcgrath fight.. !

my god, anyone who thinks the yz400 is a dangerous machine is nuts..

how could you find a smoother easier bike to ride..

I would put a fly wheel weight on it and have fun.

now the 2001 426 is a little harder to ride but still not bad..

the 400 is very smooth, if you roll on the gas and not twist it you will love to trail ride this bike..

Eric (original poster)- how old are you? And how much experience? I've seen 16 year old kids out there who could handle a 426 but now that I'm 37, I think this bike would have killed me if I had it when I was a teenager. Also how much MX were you planning on doing? I've owned 16 dirt bikes in my life, both MX and trail, and even though this is a much debated subject, this 426 would not be very high on my list for a play bike. If you want that get an XR.

Dont't get me wrong, I love this bike, but it is a pretty high-bred machine. Mine is still mostly stock and the worst thing that's happened to it is a fouled plug, but I spend LOTS of time tinkering with it. That's something else I wouldn't have cared for much when I was a kid. I also would be very skeptical about a used 426, unless it was from someone I knew very well...

Well, I have been out of MX for eight months. I got my YZ426 yesterday. I now have three hours on the bike.

Well today me and my duaghter went riding. She rides an XR80. This was the best ride we have had together. When we rode before I was on my 99 KX250.

Making it go slow enough for her to keep up was a chore. Well today it was a piece of cake. Then when we got to where we were going to ride. I could still cruze over to the 20 foot double and sail right over it.

IMHO, this is the best do it all bike made. But, as a first bike, I don't know. I still think the best bike to learn on is an XR80 and don't care how old you are.

I love our XR80. It is a blast to ride. Not to mention the ideal pit bike.

So bottom line, the YZF is a great bike get it! But, its going to scare the !@#$ out of you. Also, buy and wear good gear!!!

Good Luck,



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

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