2011 WR's?

That was my understanding as well. I lived there for four years and did a fair amount of racing. The guy who sponsored me, Woody from Race Motorcycles in Alice Springs, told me how the ADR procedure worked.

You work for NASA?

So no new bike again still on 06 yz (wr rized)

I am still on my '06 steel frame. I am waiting for the wr350 as well. I have my steel frame dialed in and it's like my old friend now. I may be on it for a few more years.:) It might as well be a Timex.

I see the '11 TT-R's and 4 wheelers are up on the site but nothing on the WR's or YZ's....

I'm with Charles, my 06 is just about perfect. I like the steel frame. It's now jetted to where I can ride just about anywhere and not have to do more than adjust the fuel screw. It handles excellent. Most stable bike I have ever rode. Brakes are great. Very relieable. It only has about 80hrs on it. It was a good deal. If only the seat was like an XR400. That is really the only fault I have with the bike. I'll just keep it until something comes along and blows my doors off.

so no new WR for 2011 or to early to tell? ill just wait till maybe september and then buy me a used 08,09 or 10

Seriously, how tough would it be for Yamaha to make a WR off this platform? This is what Valli Motorsports races in the WORCS series. With a few more mods (mostly gearing), this thing would be bad to the bone off road. :)


After my 8month run with a 08 Husky TE510 FI and all the bugs that thing brought to the table, I'm more than happy to stick with a carb based bike.

That bucket of bolts left me stranded on the side of the road, had to call the wife for pickup, got it home and found the plug into the CPU loose. Fired right up after that, but I was disenchanted with FI after that, not to mention it was never properly tuned right and that was a constant struggle. No more 1st editions for me, I like the idea my 09 WR has a track record of reliability.

On the other hand, I do have trouble sleeping at night knowing there is a KTM 350 in the world.

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