Just installed 06yz450 carb on 99yz400

Hi there, so Ive got the new carb all installed, removed yz400 hot start mechanism and added a hot start lever on the bar for the new remote hot start...

what do i use to plug up the the hole where the old hot start went into the head?

also do i have to plug the hole in the airbox too?

I bought the 06 carb on ebay recently the ad said it was only used for 2hours use as it was removed and an edelbrock carb installed.

before i put the new carb on i inspected everything blew some air through the jets everything looks very new.........im assuming the jetting is stock it is 165 main 42 pilot, 4th needle clip positon, does that sounds like stock, im riding at sea level ....the fuel screw is 2 turns out right now ....i havn't attempted to start it yet as i need to plug the hole .....


You can go to an auto parts store and ask for a vacuum cap. A lot of times, they will be sold in packages of assorted sizes. Just in case, you should measure the diameter of the stub the hose went on, or take the hose with you to get the right size.

Glue them in place with a bit of weatherstrip or grip cement.

thanx !!! going to part source now they are just down the street ...

on the air box hole...iirc... when i did the remote HS on my 400, they sent a plug for the air box hole.. i would think you would want to plug it, gray would prolly know better...

it was just a round metal pin like a solid dowel pin with a dome head on it..

I forgot how that went on exactly. You're right, it's a hole in the air boot at that end.

So, I would find a vacuum cap with an O.D. large enough to fit snugly into the air boot, and a plastic trim retainer with a shank that would fit in the cap and a head too large to slip down the hole. Shove the trim retainer into the vacuum cap, and then push the whole thing into the hole.

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