YZ426 motocross and enduro

I just started riding again. It has been 15 years. I bought a 2000 yz426 and would like to ride motocross as well as enduro.What can I do to get the most out of the bike for both? I already put a spark arrestor on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Consider a flywheel weight,50-52 rear sprocket,usual guards, hand,disc,etc.


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This may sound real stupid, but what exactly is a flywheel weight and is it easy to put on? What does it do? Will it hurt motocross riding? Thanks.

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look, there's a lot of smelly stuff said about the flywheel weights.


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The flywheel is a hub-like wheel that's attached to one side of the crankshaft. Among other things, it provides inertia to the crankshaft. In simple terms, as we are talking about adding weights here, it helps to keep the engine spinning so it won't stall as easy. The blade on your gas powered lawnmower acts like a flywheel. If you remove the blade, the engine won't want to idle.

Thanks, I know what a flywheel is, I was just wondering what a weight does. I understand now. Is it very difficult to put one on? I have the 2000 yz426. Should I get a 10 oz. or a 12 oz.? I will order one today and try to put it on next week. I didn't get a manual with my bike, but I ordered one and am supposed to receive it in the next few days. Hopefully that will guide me thru a lot of these things.

How about bars? Someone said the Jimmy Button bent will work well. Do I need to change anything to install them? Which bars fit well and are rider friendly for the 426? I am also considering a dampner. Is that a wise investment for an average rider? This is a great forum and I appreciate all the imput......

on the subject of fly wheel weigts, how much do they cost and are they bolt on or weld on or can you get either?

sand racer ,thank you for your comments, what bikes are you speaking of? I have a ktm 250 mxc 2 stroke and love it ,all I want is to prevent bottoming and to hook up better at low speeds. When I am crawling up rocks and need to accelerate I want no wheel spin(or less) your post is relative to my needs. My bike specs out as coming with a weight..Now when you gun it is the weigth slowing acceleration? I dont want that ,but I will trade a liitle for better low speed control,after all it would be simpler than my other consideration...trading my 2000 for a 2001 wr 426. see I wouldnt even go for the yz 426 for fear of a poor 1st gear crawling abilty. I am being anal, I know ,but i want butt kicking throttle response and at times low end crawling like an xr 400.

i dissagree a bit on not knowing the fly wheel is there the fly wheelwieght is there

ive riden mine without a flywheel wieght and my mates that has a 10oz one fitted

his power delivery feels a bit smoother and less frantic,

but where i may wheelspin he hooks up and is away he also has to fan the clutch less .

and i stall a lot more,

i now have a 10oz wieght on order

Daverehm, in regard to your question on bars.

Bar selection is pretty much a personal thing. There are many brands, styles and types out there to choose from. Your choice depends on your height, riding style and the type of riding you'll be doing. Some of the better known brands are Pro-taper, Renthal, TAG and the list goes on... I suggest you ride with the stock bars and see how you like them. If you feel cramped or the bars put you in a riding position thats not comfortable then look for a new bar. If you have friends with aftermarket bars, ride their bike and see how you like them. If you are comfortable with the stock bars and want something that don't bend as easily then get some quality aluminum bars with the same bend. You can use the same bar clamps unless you opt for larger diameter bars such as the Pro-tapers. As far as the dampner is concerned, I don't use one but many people sware by them. They're kind of expensive though. Hope this helps.

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i dont think there is any real acceleration loss maybe right of the bottom but im starting to think depending on the conditions the wieghted flywheel aid acceleration,

in turns my friends bike just seems to do things with less fuss and drama, less wheel spins smaller roost less fanning of the clutch to catch a stall. he laps faster then me and pride and ego wont let me think this is cus he's a better ridder so it must be the fly wheel wieght right?

the wieght also helps starting [ increased crank momentum] and engine braking

I have a 00'426, 14/52 gearing is awesome for woods and moto. Terrycable has a flywheel weight set. I think it comes with 8,10, and 12oz. weights. I had a 10oz. Steahly weight on my '97 CR250, it did wonders for rear tire hook-up. Hand gaurds are a given. It onlt took hitting one tree and 2 lost finger nails to make me a convert! I also think a steering damper would be great, I am going to try one this year. Just call Steahly and ask them what one to run(flywheel).

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