Clark Tank Question

I've installed the Clark 3.3 gallon tank and had to add a longer gas line; Didn't have any 90 degree elbows so I basically looped the gas line (180 degree) back toward the carb. The line may be a bit lower than the carb now. The other options are too install a 90 degree fitting and clean it up a bit or run the petcock backwards so barbed fitting is pointing to the carb..

What have you others done that have installed the clark 3.3?



Get an 06 petcock and problem solved. It faces the rear so it's just a straight line to the carb.

This is something I've needed to do since I went with a Clark tank 8 months ago.

I just run the stock petcock backward, not a problem and the line goes straight to the carb (with a small in-line filter). :)

I run it backwards no problems .

I like the idea of the 06 petcock the best..

thank you for the replies....

The petcock and fuel line stick out into the shread zone when you run it backwards. Imho

i just bought the 06 petcock.

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