2008 wr starting problems

I've got a 2008 wr 450 and it has been trouble free for the 1st 50 hours. The other day I rolled it out after sitting for 2 weeks and with the e button it fired right up. So I let it run to warm up and then shut it off while I grabbed my helmet. Hit the button and heard the starter engage and then it hits a wall.nothing. Repeat ,nothing. So I try to kick it and feels rock solid locked up. I try three times and it fires right up no problem. I start it several more times with the button and no problems. Rode about 50 miles this weekend and no problems, doesn't matter hot, cold no problem. I pull up to another rider to talk and it's locked up. Probably three kicks and it fires right up. 10 more miles, no problems. I'm guessing somthing with the decompression but it has only happened twice. Anybody experience this?


It's common with all WR's, gets stuck on the compression stroke. Easiest way to break it free is rock it forward in gear. Or as you found you can push real hard on the kickstarter and it will break free.

Happens usually when you stall.

No drama, no worries, just a pain.

Thanks, I guess I'd been lucky so far. The more I ride this thing the more I like it. :thumbsup:

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