Who knows their yamaha's...figure this out...Shock Linkage

On the 2004 WR450 the rear shock linkage consists of 2 parts...The connecting rod (dog bone) and the arm relay. The part number for the dog bone is 5XE-2217F-00-00 and for the pivot 5NY-2217A-00-00. In 2005 both got new part numbers. The dogbone 1C3-2217F-00-00 and the arm relay 1C3-2217A-00-00. On the diagrams the dog bones look exactly alike. The army relays look alike but it seems they adjusted the center with and changed the entire bearing assembly, but looks to be the same overall size as the 04, just different bearing assembly which necessitated a slight design change for the arm relay. My question is first, does anyone know if the dimensions are the same as far as mounting between 03-06 and 2nd. Why did yamaha change the bearing design on the 05 from the 04? I could not find any documentation on the specs for the 2005 that mentioned anything about the linkage, I only found a small reference that mentioned the actual shock itself. I'm trying to bolt an 06 swingarm with my 04 linkage and 04 shock and just want to make sure i'm good to go. Thanks

everything should bolt straight up and work. :thumbsup:

Sweet, thats what I needed to know. Im happy because the 06 swing arm I got is mint, not chewed up like my 04, and also evidently the 05 and 06 swingarms lost 1.1 lbs...which the suspension will like :-) And for the price I paid...$51...that is cheaper than redoing my bearings on my stock arm even...woo hoo!!! Thanks for the super quick reply!!!

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