Don't throw away your old batteries yet...

Anyone had a problem with their batteries going dead, and the dealer telling ya you need a new one?. I had that problem, but instead of buying a new battery, I did some research. After reading countless webpages, I found out that not just any charger will work with our batteries. it has to be under 2 amps! after all my research, I found this is their description:


Plug it in and forget it! Keeps your battery desulphated and fully charged*. The RediPulse works with all 6 thru 48 volt lead-acid batteries. This system is ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle and equipment that is stored indoors, under cover or in areas without access to sunlight. This includes cars, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, farm equipment, emergency vehicles and much more. It includes both lugs and clips with a quick disconnect between the circuit box and the connectors. Comes with lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals. *No battery loads.

Five-year limited warranty

I bought it, installed it, and my battery came back..pretty cool! :):D

My Battery tender works great and I have no isssues with my Battery. Got the bike Jan 31st. I keep it on the charger all the time I am not riding. :)


This is the same principle as the battery tender. I didn't have anything b-4, and when my battery took a dump, I thought I was screwed. This thing worked great. Apparently it has to do with de-sulpherization of the plates, and other hocus pocus. I am just stoked my battery is fine now! :)

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