Fuel Filter on 99 YZ400F

I have searched this forum and found no specific information on this question. I want to install an inline fuel filter between the fuel cock and the carb inlet without kinking the fuel line, without squeezing or binding the filter, and without any bending stress on the filter or its connecting ends. I have ready a small straight filter and a medium 90-degree filter, as well as various sizes of clear and black rubber fuel line. Also don't want the filter sticking out and vulnerable. Previous attempts to install a filter always ended up with the filter bending over time due to the tension from the 90-degree turn downward, or the filter pinched between the carb and frame, or the filter sticking out and exposed, or some other problem. Anyone done this successfully? Got pics? Other tips? Thx ppl :)

EDIT: Since these things are so susceptible to fuel-related problems, is there anything wrong with running sta-bil fuel stabilizer all the time? It's pretty easy to predict when I'll be riding the most but sometimes things come up and plans change, and I don't want straight gas sitting in there longer than a month or so.

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bump... anyone?

I had a small filter on my WR - changed to a YZ tank/Seat combo and kept it - pretty much dead center in the line between tank and carb, it's a straight unit, not 90....

you can see it (gold) right in front of the frame on this pic:


gas gas bikes all have filters, some are straight some are 90's


here is a pix of the 90.. it is on an 07 model.. my 01 uses a straight version.. click my garage.. look at lh side..


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