Check out this suspension mod

Check these out!

I ordered mine today. I will give you a report on ease of installation and how they feel in a couple of weeks..not a bad mod for $180.00 :)

How much do the ENZO sub-tanks run? I off-roaded with a buddy the other day who has them (He also is capable of 80' free-style type jumping...) and he swears by them.

enzo's are double the price of these ...with the same results! :)

Do you guys get that much air on a WR to need these suspension tanks? They may work but they look funky on the bike. I like to stick closer to earth. :)

Its not the "get air" factor where these shine them most im told, it softens the forks up over the smaller stuff and when you hit the big stuff the valve closes off and the forks act as they would normally.

Supposedly makes the ruts and small rocks you hit almost un noticable.

Thats what I read anyway.

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